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” For now Bitcoin remains in a bubble and there could be a further squeeze higher as we approach the launch of the futures contracts by the CBOE and CME. Or, as Wilson puts it “at least be able to co-exist in the same ecosystem as other assets. Participating in ongoing education pertaining to the Oversight Committee’s responsibilities, including the material risks and other issues affecting the Bitcoin Pricing Products. ” Õunap, who is also the COO of GetGame based in Pärnu, a city in south-western Estonia, noted that “even when there is bad news about Bitcoin, it will affect the price only temporarily. The CBOE goes live on 10 December, while the CME follows on 18 December. The momentum traders were further fuelling the bubble with speculative long positions. Bitcoin Could Fall Big Time But Not Just Yet, Says Crypto Trader Share to email Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Acknowledging that the price moves of late for Bitcoin have been “pretty crazy”, Õunap said: “Bitcoin defies all the trading rules. This is touted as enabling people with great ideas can go to and take their game idea from vision to reality. ” By introducing futures contracts - and potentially ETFs as a result - you try to make Bitcoin more like any other asset and price discovery becomes a lot less opaque, i. But according to Neil Wilson, senior market analyst at City brokerage ETX Capital, a firm that offers trading in Bitcoin, this could be “about to change. So what about the alternatives to Bitcoin.

At the moment it is dominated by enthusiasts and speculators who want the price to go up. ” Stacks of Bitcoins sit near green lights on a data cable terminal. Bitcoin Pricing Products Oversight Committee Charter 3 Feb 2017 Oversight Committee”) has been established jointly by Crypto Facilities Ltd. All that said, it is hard to say precisely where we are in the curve. ” Bitcoin & The Mainstream Once you bring Bitcoin into the mainstream, investors - both bulls and bears - and regulators will start demanding it to behave like other asset classes. Follow us for global economic and financial news. Given greater scrutiny and because Bitcoin cannot live up to the expectations that the current pricing (speculatively driven) imply, it will not be able to sustain the price gains and there could be a shock for the bulls. “And, that alternative could be Bitcoin Cash, it could be EOS and potentially a third candidate. The Oversight Committee shall be informed of changes to any of the matters set out above and shall approve any substantive changes to matters relating to points (d) and (e). ” The virtual currency, which was trading at below $1,000 at the start of 2017, has capped a remarkable year. A motion shall pass upon approval from a majority of the members present; provided that at least one CME Member and one CF Member is present. No individual may serve on the Oversight Committee for more than four consecutive years.

As he pointed out for example, with EOS the transactions could be free as promised and transactions executed in a matter of 1. Subsequent appointments shall be approved by the Oversight Committee. I have some other ideas in addition to these, but I will keep these to myself.Stratis.
. The thinking is that these initiatives will attract additional investor interest and inflows of capital, and in so doing give this bubble new oxygen and an early Christmas present for speculators. Upon a resignation or removal, a replacement shall be considered as soon as practicable thereafter. Assessing the usage and significance of the Bitcoin Pricing Products and ensuring they remain effective and representative. “And, given that quite a few of these alternatives already exist, I’m fairly sure that - if not next year then definitely the year after - Bitcoin will fall big time. Almost everybody knows Bitcoin, but very few people - unless you a crypto nerd - know even Ethereum, second most known cryptocurrency. Looking around for causes for these fresh gains, one has to look at the imminent launch of Bitcoin futures as the most important catalyst. .Substratum.KuCoin Shares.

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Get an overview of the Oversight Committee and its role in governing Bitcoin Pricing Products, including reviewing methodology and more.
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